Not True



Bacada live in der Winterlounge

Happyland Klosterneuburg - Eisdisco

Samstag 9.12.2017 - 18:30 bis 20:00

Diesmal nur zu zweit aus Platzmangel.


Not True


Nice to meet

Renee is my name

I ´m successful I have money

I loved thousand men

Oh it ´s nice to play

So who should prove

This is not true

This is not true


I used to be sad

Now I live in the sun

I am traveling round the world

Just with a small gun

My mission is top secret

So who should stop me

If it ´s not true

If it ´s not true


Oh hello, yes I do believe

You are more than a smart lady

I think you ´re a thief

Who stole my heart

Cause what you say

It ´s just not true

It ´s just not true


If the world is a stage

This life is a show

It can taste delicious for you

Say yes or say no

Since there ´s one rule for you

So don ´t you stop me

If it ´s not true

If it ´s not true

Nothing is true


Every day you come to me

And tell me that you are someone

(Tell me what ´s true)

That you can ´t be but you don ´t know

That I just want to say that

I love you