It´s Not The End



Bacada live in der Winterlounge

Happyland Klosterneuburg - Eisdisco

Samstag 9.12.2017 - 18:30 bis 20:00

Diesmal nur zu zweit aus Platzmangel.


It ´s Not the End


One night i just dreamt of rivers so deep

Caught in a big stream I hardly could breathe

I saw it was you who pulled me out of the deep blue

Into your land

It ´s not the end


One day I woke up by hearing a scream

This night i do dance to music supreme

All you ´ve ever done was more I ´ve ever dreamt

Your eyes - your glance - your kiss

I know it meant

It ´s not the end


What ´s true, what are lies

In a ball of fog

It ´s all mixed with fate

Who ´s watching me

Who follows who

No offense meant

It´s not the end


One day I was shocked by watching a crime

So I had to flee - you gave me a sign

First you saved my life I followed you into the night

Where streets do bleed

It ´s not the end


Who s evil who ´s good in a ring of fame .

However it ´s always a surprising game

A fighting man

It ´s not the end